What are some good inspirational words for a wrist tattoo?

I want a inner wrist tattoo of some inspriational words. I am thinking about using "Amor vincit omnia" Which means in Latin that Love conquers all. Anything else anyone can come up with?
I don't want my arms sleeved!

well iv got "aqalse Paga Aqui Sefaz" on my wrist which goes arond in fancy writing like a band round my wrist , it means "what goes around , comes around"
it looks sooo nice!

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  1. believe
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  2. 1. Carpe diem (Latin) = sieze the day
    ..it means live in the moment, don't waste time.

    EDIT (I added:)
    2. Live, Laugh, Love
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  3. Oh please don't tattoo words on your wrist! Tattoos on women, especially in obvious places like that look trashy. A professional employer wouldn't consider hiring you because of that. Or did you just plan to work in fast food?
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  4. I would strongly suggest you do NOT get a wrist tattoo. They look nasty and dirty. Unless you plan on being a artist ( painter musician etc. ) or a carny dont do it.
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  5. im getting the phrase "time heals all wounds" on my inner wrist but im having it done in Arabic. my best friend is going to translate it for me (its his first language so i know it will be correct) alot of people have things like believe, love, wish, faith, hope and stuff like that on their inner wrists so i think what u have is really pretty…theres a website called yuni.com that has tonnnnns of quotes in latin so if ur lookin for latin quotes u might like sumthin u find there..i got one of my tattoo quotes off there ("no easy eay from the earth to the stars" in memory of my mom on my lower back) good luck
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  6. hope & faith & hold on & strength. I really like your idea though.
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  7. I like it. I am thinking of having my baby girl's name put on mine, her name is Trinity!!
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  8. I'm looking for inspirational words too! but something more along the lines of "Never give up."
    I was looking for that in latin also, and someone told me that it's "nunquam redono"
    but they used an online translator so don't trust it!

    they also gave me a website,
    hope this helps!
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  9. Think of what your insperation is and get that put on your wrist.
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  10. If that phrase is meaningful to you, why change it? Everyone has different attachment to different phrases…my happens to be 'pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms'….but that would make a horrendous tattoo.

    I am a big fan of phrasing in Latin. I think it is classic and private. Usually only those you wish to share that with will know what it says.
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  11. I like that. Whatever you get just make sure it is something that you are truely passionate about and something that truely expresses you.
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  12. How about "just remember to breathe"
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  13. If you arent inspired enough then dont do it just for the heck of it.
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  14. Is your arm sleeved??? If it isn't I high recommend waiting on tattooing your wrist. Your wrist and hands are the last thing you should tattoo, just find another cool place to put your quote! Trust me unless you dedicated to it a wrist tattoo is a big mistake.
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    two tats Right arm sleeved.

  15. well iv got "aqalse Paga Aqui Sefaz" on my wrist which goes arond in fancy writing like a band round my wrist , it means "what goes around , comes around"
    it looks sooo nice!
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    my wrist

  16. I love me more~ Its from sex in the city
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  17. "I loved you, but you hurt me"
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    bullet for my valentine – "room 409" its in the lyrics

  18. I have a wrist tattoo. I got it when i turned 18. It says “Regrets are worthless” its probably the best thing ive ever doen. i wanted it since i was like 13. its my life motto. but its something i wanted for a really long time.
    i dont suggest doing it if its just spur of the moment and you are asking other people for help. I dont think it looks trashy at all though. i love my wrist tattoo!

  19. Love
    coz everybody deserves it its wht i have on my wrist!

  20. how about
    “Quod nos non interficit, nos fortiores facit.”
    What does not kill us, makes us stronger

  21. OH my just reading all those commets.
    And well i just like to say im a female and have three tattoos on my wrist and hand area and they look awsome. (not trashy and dirty like wat was written in a comment above) Just remember what ever you get is what you wont and not what others has suggested or liked. You are the one that has to wear them for life.

  22. i’m thinking of getting ” God Knows ”
    because to me it’s that God Knows
    my pain. happiness. thoughts, all that stuff.

  23. okay tattoos on wrists are not trashy and they do NOT stop you from having a good job. I have a tattoo on the inside of each wrists, and i have a very well paying job and it has never stopped me from making a good impression…if anything a better impression.

  24. what latin words of i love you, but u hurt me

  25. It does not look trashy like some ppl have written believe me im a well educated lady who takes much pride in my appearance and have tattoos on both my wrist one is a design with my star sign in it and the other is another design with my sons name on it and i get compliments daily on them and have never had a problem getting a job because i have them and no i dont work in fast food…..


  27. i think wrist is a lovely place for a tattoo! i have my daughters name – eva – on my wrist with a design underneath it! life goes on is also nice , was thinking of getting it on my other wrist ,meeting u was fate, becoming ur friend was choice, but falling inlove with u, that was beyond my control…. down side

  28. Live with intention

  29. Yeah wrist tattoos are a huge commitment really. Employers these days aren’t as bitchy about it as they used to be though so you’ll be fine, I’m sure. I’ve got “A man chooses” on my left wrist and “a slave obeys” on my right. I don’t regret it one bit.

  30. “Laugh as much as you breathe.” Love as long as you live. But why are you coming to a website to get a person’s opinion? That just doesn’t make sence. Get sometthing that inspires you, it is going to be on your body for the rest of your life!!

  31. tats on girls r sexxy don’t listen to the haters. it is all about self expression. i am sleeved out on one arm (military theme) and working on the other (latin and various other things). for a wrist tat i like phrases and for the asshat that made the mc d’s comment… STFU… a watch will cover up most… arabic is cool but i prefer latin, but u do ur thing

  32. on second thought maybe my tats r the reason i went to iraq 3 times….. still a good paying job though lol

  33. Personnally I don’t think you shoould be about a wrist tattoo, but if you are getting a tattoo in white ink is less noticable, plus they are extremely beautiful. Look them up. :) Hope I helped

  34. Be Worried **

  35. How ridiculous some of you are to tell people not to get a tattoo on their wrist. This isn’t the 19th century. I have a wrist tattoo, and I got it small enough that a trendy bracelet or watch would cover it when need be….like when I am at work.

  36. beautiful disaster

  37. Wrist tattoos do not look trashy! I have one that is dedicated to my mom – a shooting star that is outlined in purple. I’ve had mine for 2 years and no one even noticed it until like 8 months later, let alone any of my employers. Plus if you really think you won’t get a job cause of it, you can wear bracelets to cover it or a hiar elastic. I’m thinking of getting “Never Give Up” on my other wrist, to coincide my other one.

  38. I have “Aquarius” on my wrist on the inside.. I absolutely love tattoos there and they DO NOT look trashy! And I work in a law firm and have NOT been denied jobs because of it! And if you work in a professional place and want to cover it- it is easy to cover with a watch or braclet but let’s get over the tattoos on woman are trashy because i am a smart educated woman & have a few tattoos and many of my coworkers (attorneys) have tattoos too so I think she should get whatever she wants where ever she wants…

  39. What a super blog. Well done.

  40. im getting beleive onn one wrist and inspire on the other :)

  41. The most vital thing i think when having a tattoo done is to go to a reputable tattooist. It’s well worth spending an afternoon finding out who is good and who isn’t and which place has a good reputation – it’s worth spending a few dollars more to have the knowledge that your tatt is going to be decent

  42. The question asked for suggestions on inspirational quotes, not for negative opinion. For all of those who don’t like wrist tattoo, don’t get it! No need to come around trying to change people’s decision.

  43. carpe noctem-seize the night

  44. Okay first of all, I have both of my wrists done and absolutely love them. One says Dream and the other says Live, I also have a heart on the top most part of one of my hands above my thumb and a star on the other hand… Not only that but i have SEVERAL others. I have no intention of sleeping either of my arms out, three quarters sleeve yes but not a full sleeve. I have a great paying GOVERNMENT job and my employer thinks that my visable tattoos are very inspirational and motivational for me. Whoever said that women with visable tattoos are trashy, WtF are you doing on this board then?? Its 2010 people, tattoos are much more socially accepted than they were in the 80′s so get a life!

  45. prayin for sunshine…preparing for rain..

  46. I just found this site and find it so interesting what everyone has suggested and what they think of tattoos and stuff. I just recently got a tattoo on my back in Latin. The one thing I would say is to get your translation done by a pro!! I got mine done by a company called classical turns. It was great. My freind got one about a year before me and didn’t get the trasnlation checked. I asked the pro if it meant what she said and he said NO – it was completely wrong. I don’t know if i should tell my friend tho. what do you think?

  47. no lies, just love

  48. I have the same one.

    A man choices, A slave obeys. On o opposing wrsit. i have a very high paying job.I dont regret it one bit.

  49. how do you say “laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live” in latin?

  50. dismantle. repair.

  51. I have ‘faith’ tattooed on the inside of my wrist, I like it but I’d like to get more added to it, I saw a comment somewheres that said ‘faith isn’t faith until its all your holding onto’ and I really like it :) and btw wrists tattoos do not look trashy and if you have a professional job or are applying for one a watch, bracelet etc covers them, good luck :)

  52. I am a female, and I have “Love is Patient” tattooed on my wrist, and it is far from trashy.
    For me, it is a daily reminder to work on the thing I struggle with most..patience with the ones I love most.
    Love is patient, and that reminder on my wrist is visible every day, and will be applicable through every stage of my life.
    My mother is in HR and I consulted her before getting it.
    It is of the size that it can be hidden by a bigger banded fashion watch if necessary..
    All things to consider, but go for it!

  53. I plan on getting the word faith on my wrist some how.. I want something in latin on the other wrist

  54. I am so glad I read this thread. I’m a guy and have been thinking of getting an inner wrist tat for awhile now. Been wondering if it’s a place more for women – what I should put there… the cost, regrets? all that. So thanks everyone… btw: I’m still debating what I should put there… it will be a word (from lyrics – cause music is important to me)… either…


    i am mine

    a dream of life

    what does everyone think?

  55. im a very resilient person and i have
    illusion on one hand and reality on the other…

  56. Don’t get a fucking tattoo in a language that you’re not fluent in yourself, how does something in a different language, especially a dead one like Latin, mean anything different then it would in your first language? Idiot.

  57. Don’t get a bloody tattoo in a language that you’re not fluent in yourself, how does something in a different language, especially a dead one like Latin, mean anything different then it would in your first language? It makes you seem ignorant and stupid.

  58. the girl asked for quotes not someone trying to change what she wants!! if you dont like it dont respond!

  59. Seriously people need to stop coming ehre to hate this person asked a question about ideas for their tattoo not if you think its right or not. Wrist tattoos do not look trashy, if a person looks decent im sure it wouldnt be a tattoo that would make them trashy.

  60. my girlfriend has the word “integrity” written on her wrist and it looks amazing.

    i agree with the people above, to the idiot that said you’ll work in fast food? Screw you! just because you dont like tats, doesnt mean you need to throw your opinions around. She didnt ask if u thought it was a good idea, she asked for suggestions. And the worst part is you got no idea what your talking about. a wrist tattoo would NEVER keep you from getting a job. Hell, even a sleeve would be questionable because as long as you wear sleeved shirts, they cant legally deny you. im in the Air Force, which is hardcore against most tattoos, and i have people walking around with full sleeves. But they cover it up, so its never an issue. So dont open your mouth before you know what your talking about.

  61. I am offended by one of the earliest posts…

    “I would strongly suggest you do NOT get a wrist tattoo. They look nasty and dirty. Unless you plan on being a artist ( painter musician etc. ) or a carny dont do it.”

    They look “nasty & dirty”???! Ummmm, how?

    Also, it’s suddenly okay to get a wrist tattoo if you’re an artist, musician, or a carny?! What on earth is that supposed to mean? It’s rude and steriotypical.

  62. This site is great! I think that most tattoos on women look great, depending on what that individual chooses, and that is what a tattoo should be individual…I have Latin writing on my foot and I am thinking of getting another on my spine, I choose not to have clearly visable tattoos, but I think wrist tattoos look very nice. Tattoos are more common now and people should really come to terms with them! CPME ON PEOPLE EVEN MY GRAN HAS ONE!

  63. My dad passes away 3 years ago and he lived his life with a free spirit so after he passed I got a tattoo on my wrist saying “I seek freedom” in Hebrew on my wrist. I am an East Indian woman and in our culture you do not get any tattoos and if you do you most definitely do not get in a different language. To be honest, I just liked the way it looked. I know what this tattoo means to me and that is all that matters. And for anyone who thinks that a wrist tattoo is “trashy” you are imbeciles. You have no right to judge or comment on peoples tattoos. If you do not want to get a tattoo that is fine but do not judge people who do. They have the right to express themselves on their own bodies and frankly everyone else just needs to accept it. So cheers to all the people who do have tattoos and all the people who don’t. It’s a personal choice and no one has a right to say otherwise!

  64. no regrets.
    i want to get this in chinese letters once i turn 18.

  65. Above this circumstance i will rise.

  66. laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live ”risus quantum spirare amorem cunctis diebus vitae”

  67. im getting “stay true” on my wrist :)

  68. how do you figure that a wrist tattoo is trashy ? you guys are so retarded. seriously.

  69. To thine ownself be true

  70. My best friend and I have on opposing sides, Love the life you live…..Live the life you love… we love ours!

  71. THEY ARE NOT TRASHY AT ALL!!!.. just cuz the baby boomers are so used to the old days where no one had one does not mean they are trashy. i mean if u get a naked woman on ur wrist then yea that may look a lil trashy but other than that it dont. I have and ambigram on my wrist that says my sons name (Hayden) one way then when u flip it upside down it says (mybaby). look up ambigram they are pretty neat and like another has said u can always cover it up with a watch if need be but they are not trashy. love mine and i have 7 tattoos and i have had more compliments with that one then with any other one.. just sayin lol.

  72. im getting one on my wrist. and i was thinking maybe.
    carpe diem on left wrist-sieze the day. and carpe noctem on right wrist-sieze the night.
    or never say never on my chest.
    or strength of purpose achieves the impossible on my wrist.
    or dont count the days, make the days count. – muhammed ali
    or fall ten times, stand up eleven.
    or we all go tought times but only tough people survive.
    or everyone falls but only winners get back up.
    or true courage is true strength.
    i was going to get “this tattoo is shit” on my wrist but know id regret it.

  73. “A man choices, a slave obeys”

    Seriously hope you DON’T have that on you judging by the obvious spelling error.

  74. okay , whoever said tattoos are trashy. You have just insulted millions of people. Tattoos are beautiful. I have a tattoo of a flower on my side 9 petals that represent the 9 weeks my father was alive from the day he found out he was sick to the day he died. So, you say representing my father in a beautiful and permanent way is trashy? my father died before I was born. I never met him…………is that trashy ?

  75. I have “No regrets” in script on my left wrist.

  76. I have many tattoos an I am a teacher. If I can get away with it so can you.

  77. i t5hink tattoos are nbeautiful not trashy they tell a story. iwant to get amor vincit omnia on m y wrist wich means love conqures all

  78. Why not have “really naff” or “I’m shallow” or perhaps “I’m a bit thick so I need this reminder of my favourite dumb quote” or maybe “I’m so self-obsessed I’ve got a Tattoo of my life story so you all look at me” in Latin inked onto your wrist. I think it’s much cooler not having a tattoo for 2 reasons: 1. you’ll be original (nearly everyone else has a naff tattoo) and 2. you’ll be more interesting because your thoughts are in your head and not scribed onto your ass, wrists or arms. Tattoos smack of low self-esteem !

  79. Always a lesson, never a failure

  80. I just had “That which does not kill me will make me stronger.” put on my hip. Great quote but a bit too long for a wrist.

  81. I have the words “stay” and “strong” tattooed on my wrists in white ink. Ive had them for over a year, and I’m still absolutely in love with them. Theyve turned a yellowish tint and look a little bit like scars, but they’re barely noticeable which is exactly what I wanted because they are a reminder to me and have a lot of meaning. I don’t believe it’s trashy or dirty, that’s was an absolutely unnecessary comment to make and I work in the medical field and had absolutely no problems with employment because of my tattoos.

  82. you could have ‘you’ll never walk alone’ i’ve got that tatooed on my wrist, it just there to remind me that i am never on my own even if i think i am there are people to help you through what ever life throws at you :)

  83. This is in response to Robbo. Yes tons of people have tattoos but tons of people don’t. What makes a person origianl is what the tattoo means to them. Every tattoo has a meaning and a story behind it. It doesn’t have to mean a person is insecure or that the person isn’t one of a kind. I want “stay strong” on my wrist as a way of me not cutting or emotionally breaking down. I suffer from depression and I used to cut myself. Although I have stopped cutting when I am am severly stressed or just depressed and down on myself it can be really hard not to pick up a razor or whatever is around to relieve me of the inner pain. So to me it’s to help me see past all that and to remind myself to be strong the pain I am feeling is temporary and it will end and things will get better. At one time I wanted “whatever it takes” in honor of my brother who passed away at the age of 17. Yes some people get dumb tattoos that don’t have a meaning which i don’t really get but then they know why they got it. It’s like the statement or quote of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Your perception is differnt from mine. But as long as i know why I see it they way I do is all that matters in the end.

  84. I have 4 tattoo’s and I want one on my wrist also. All these posts were great and helped me a lot! Never heard or saw white ink, but ill be looking into that…i like that its less noticable.

    Tattoo’s are not trashy and if u dont like em, dont get em.

  85. I want to get a wrist tattoo! I don’t think they are trashy I think they are beautiful especially since you are wanting an inspirational word/phrase. It’s there for you too see and be a constant reminded of what you believe in. I was thinking like “Jai ho” which means “you are my destiny” but I reallllyyyy like your idea!

  86. Tattoos have nothing to do with being uneducated. Ignorance does!!

    I’m thinking about getting my first tattoo and on my wrist… it would say “Love like breathing” or “remember to breathe” in whatever language I so desire…. I am an educated employed woman married with children.

    To the original person asking the question … do not let the negative opinions of others dishearten you. Head up, eyes forward, and live!

  87. I have a loved ones name tattooed on my outer edge of my forearm, accompanied with a sub dermal anchor jewel. It looks stunning, and is a personal reminder for me to admire. I have only ever had compliments and I think tattoos are stunning, and a full sleeve on a man is one of the sexiest looks. Tattoos are no different to wearing make up or nice clothes, all are an expression of ourselves. To those haters, especially the one that describes us as ‘shallow’ and ‘a bit thick’, you obviously have small man syndrome and issues with anger, and I bet you haven’t had sex in a real long time……

  88. I have 4 tattoos and every person I work with is extremely surprised because they are all easily covered up. I want to get my next one on my left wrist and would like to get it in Latin because I have another tattoo in Latin and just love the language. To whoever posted about Latin being a dead language and it’s stupid to get one in a language that you aren’t fluent in – you obviously shouldn’t get a tattoo. People get tattoos because they mean something to the person getting them regardless of language choice. If you don’t like it, then don’t get one, don’t give other people crap because of it.

  89. how dare you suggest that wrist tattoos are trashy? I graduated from Oxford, have a first in Classics, an extremely well-paid job and a wrist tattoo extohling me to ‘seize the day’.
    Go Ivy League (not) Boy
    And no, you can’t fuck it out of me

  90. I turn 18 in 10 months. My mom thinks it’s a great idea and I might get one early! I really like the idea WAY up there that said ‘Live With Intention’ I think it’s got the strong feeling in it.

  91. Stfu everyone who is hating!!! I have linked hearts on my wrist a star that my mom and I got together on my foot and a sun type tat on my shoulder with music notes because it is a big part of my life and 4 stars around it for my mom, husband, and two kids. tattoos are beautiful in individual ways. Next I’m getting a quote or scripture on my rib cage. There is nothing trashy about tattoos.

  92. I am considering getting, ‘Theres more to see, then can ever be seen.’ on my right wrist. I really like that. What do you guys think?

  93. I have been contemplating getting carpe diem on my wrist, but the quote “what does not kill us makes us stronger” just fits me…what a problem…any suggestions?

  94. Just for the people out there who claim you cannot have a decent job with a tattoo, I am a teacher and have 4!
    One on my foot, ankle, down my spine and on my hand. I am also planning my next and I love each and every one of them so much!!!

  95. Me and my cousin have wanted to get tattoos together for a while but because I am going into law I needed to figure out a place I could cover up when needed so it hit me inner wrist!

    I am going to get obladi on my left wrist and my cousin is getting oblada on her right

    I think this idea is perfect because I have loved the beatles since I was a child and together its very meaningful

    Wrist tattoos for the win!

  96. @ Toni- “there is more to see, than can ever be seen” i love that! im looking for some good quotes to put on my foot and that is now on the list! thank you! along with…
    “love and be loved”
    “just breathe”

    @ niccole- thats a really cute idea :)

  97. Hatin on wrist tattoos?
    I think your trashy for saying stuff like that, you have too do what you want for yourself! Haahahah working in fastfood was a good joke! But i have a really high end job working as an assistant for two of the top lawyers in the world and I have two tattoo’s on my wrists one says live to learn the other says never regret! Trashy huh? :)I also have the colorado flag across both of my feet that connect when placed together. Also, my baby girls food is on my right shoulder! Classsy!

  98. GOSH !
    Woah, calm down, they only asked for IDEAS not people hating on tattoos. I have a question …. if you are going to be mean & say all this shit then why the HELL are you even bothering, no one cares ’bout the haters.
    I really like the idea of a quote in Latin… something nice, and also ‘Just Breathe’. But I would say, no matter how much I love someone I could never get a tattoo with there name unless, God forbid, they died. It may seem sweet & cute but heartbreak is a real thing and having a tattoo of the person that broke your heart on your arm or anywhere else…. it just fails :)

  99. thinking about “I believe in miracles…”

  100. Well, I am happy I took a look at this site. I have three small letters on the upper part of hand above my thumb. I love it! I work in education and plan on getting my wrist done before I go back to work. Tattoos can express your feelings and remember ones you love. To each his own, as long as the words mean something and not offensive it’s find. There are too many hate’ers on here talking trash. Women with tats, it’s cute.

  101. “I would strongly suggest you do NOT get a wrist tattoo. They look nasty and dirty. Unless you plan on being a artist ( painter musician etc. ) or a carny dont do it.”

    You are an idiot! A carny?! Really?! Where are you from?! My family owns a carnival, and none of them have tattoos! I was the first, got one on my ankle and I am an insurance agent making a very well life for myself. Tattoos are a form of expression. Get what you want, where you want it. Mine is fully visible unless I wear tennis shoes and everyone loves it.

  102. First of all, your question was NOT whether or not you should get a tattoo. So, people just need to shut up about that. Tattoos are beautiful reminders of what you’ve been through in your life. I was a cutter for 8 years, and I have ‘Fight off your demons’ on my shoulder. Next week, I’m getting ‘rise above’ on my wrists. My tattoos always remind me how much stronger I am than anything that I will ever go through in my life. For other people to judge me for having them.. is just ridiculous. I’ve been contemplating what to get on my wrists for a long time, and I found something that fits perfectly. As long ad you get something that is relevant to your life and experiences, you’ll love it. Good luck(:

  103. I have the text ‘All Warriors are defined in Battle’ tattooed on my back! I am a female and I have 2 tattoos and thinking about getting a third, also on my wrist. My idea for my wrist tattoo is a really pretty looking version of the letter ‘J’, the first letter of my name.

    I think tattoos are beautiful regardless is you are a male or a female! So get inspired and just do it! I have no regrets!;)

  104. Believe is what I am getting on my wrist. I have been suffering with Infertility for 3 yrs. I believe that one day I can have a child like everyone else.

  105. I have a tattoo on my left wrist. It is four hearts that are healing, it represents acceptance. It is easily covered by a watch. I think wrist tattoos are acceptable. I wish I didn’t feel like I had to hide it though because it is a sentimental tattoo.

  106. I’m only 16 but when I’m 18 i plan on getting “faith” or “strength.” Both of those words mean a lot to me and what I have been through. And to all those who say they are trashy, If someone has a good reason for it, i say go for it<3

  107. So i just read through all of this and i love all of these ideas! Me and my fiancee are getting tattoos together soon, he’s getting my initials + his last name= “hers” over his heart on his chest and I’m getting his dog tags on my wrist and the bottom side of my arm.

    I won’t expand on how tattoos AREN’T trashy and DON’T prevent people from getting jobs beyond the fast food industry because many others have already! :) But to the person who said tattoos aren’t original because everyone else has one? Really? That’s your argument? If someone else has a certain hair cut… Should no one else be inspired to get the same or similar hair style because that would make them too mundane? I wonder what your view of “original” is because there’s not much that hasn’t been done before…

    Anyways! I hope this helped if you haven’t gotten your tattoo yet! And if you have… I hope you love it! :)

  108. guys tattoos are not trashy! ive got one on my back in memory of my bf i want to soon get two inner wrist tats…im for sure getting stay strong on my left wrist and iunno still iffy bout the right sad,,,i cant decide… HELP??

  109. I saw the most awesome wrist tattoo it said “let it be” it’s a reminder to not let ur temper get the best of u… It’s also a Beatles song for those ppl who are into music

  110. when i was 16 i got “infinity” on my left wrist and “eternity” on the other. theyre beautiful and ive never been called trashy. nor did i have any trouble finding work after college or during.

    its closed minded to say tattoos are trashy, they’re a unique way to display creativity. and for some people its wonderful therapy. I think its trasy to knock on someone elses ideas of originality.

  111. I’ve got “fearless” written in Arabic on the side of my rib cage under were my bra is. I absolutly love it, it’s in a really nice place, because it means something personal to me (me and my two brothers all have it done) I got it somewhere you can’t see it unless I’m in my underwear or bikini. I believe if your getting a tattoo because it is going to mean something, you should know exactly what you want from the moment you begin to think about it and you should also get it somewhere personal to you.

  112. I have the phrase “Better than this” tattooed on the inside of my left wrist as a reminder that life will get better. It is there to help me remember that i am stronger than my depression. I have it done in white so you can only see it from up close. It is the only tattoo I have.

  113. i am getting “you are my strength” on my wrists. then underneath will be seven birds flying away, each for everyone of the people who have hurt me in the past. you have to be commited to getting it on your wrists. i love them on your wrists because it makes you look stronger and it is there to show you that you are powerful. i dont think it looks trashy what soo ever. BE A REBEL!!!!!

  114. I want to get a tattoo on shoulder blades and the words on my spine. Could anyone with them tell me on a scale from 1 – 10, how much does it hurt?

  115. i am 17 and when i be 18 i want to get a tatoo on my wrist inside…i m thinkin about “believe”…but i also like
    -dont stop dreaming
    - live with passion
    -dont forget to live
    - dont let them let you down
    Any ideas?

  116. i have “believe” tattooed on my inner wrist in my moms handwriting because she’s the one who always taught me to believe in myself and everything else!

  117. Your tattoo with your moms handwriting is an amazing idea!! I absolutely love it!

  118. Can I ask how you went about doing that? Did she go with you to get the tattoo?

  119. I have my inner wrist done, and I dont regret it at all. Tattoos are becoming more exceptable in todays society. I am a professional and my tattoos did not matter when I was hired. It seems to me though that if you are going to be stuck with something for life, you should really think it through, make it something that you will look at everyday and think “this is beautiful.” Just a thought.

  120. “Believe in yourself”

  121. If your going through hell,keep going.

  122. I am getting “what a wonderful world” on my wrist next week, with an aeroplane underneath it, im a travel agent and i plan to spend my life travelling this wonderful world.

  123. well i will say this I have four tats and one of them is on my wrist and i love it as do most of the people i meet. My grandmother passed away a long time ago so i had her name in her hand writting put on my inner right wrist. I am going through a divorce now and plan on getting another wrist tattoo. i am in the nursing field and its all good for us to have tattoos now so the person that said its trashy well get over it!

  124. I want a wrist tattoo sooo bad!!! i love the idea about having your mom write it out….. i know i want my tattoo in latin, I studied it in school and do latin songs in choir all the time . im not sure what kind of phrasesi want though…. could i jump on the band-waggen for ideas? :)

  125. I have one tattoo which I had done 3 months ago. It is on my right wrist and is an infinity symbol into which I am going to have a Celtic Knot interwoven next month. I originally wanted the words “Be the Change” on my wrist but felt that the infinity interwoven with a Celtic Knot better represented my views on the infinite nature of the soul & universe as well as my belief that what you put out in thought, deeds & words is what will be returned to you. I never considered a tattoo until my oldest son had his brothers’ names tattooed on his inner arm, in Arabic. His Dad’s first language is Arabic. Although my son is not fluent, he does speak and read Arabic. I realized that I could really demonstrate to my children how deeply I hold my beliefs and that I’m not just blowing hot air when I talk to them about ethics and love, by putting my beliefs in a location that it is difficult to hide.

    Just so you know: I am an attorney with a Master’s degree in health law and policy, and my tattoo is not trashy, dirty or nasty. It can be easily covered with a watch or bracelet, but I find I really don’t care to do so.

    Just make sure that the tattoo is meaningful. It took me a long time to adopt the views represented by my tattoo and I know I will never regret it. Once you are sure about the words that you will wear for all to see, find a reputable shop and go for it.

  126. I am 19 years old and am currently enrolled in nursing school and had the word “Strength” tattooed on my left wrist, recently, making it my fifth tattoo. Required for my nursing clinicals I have to cover up the tattoo, which is easily enough with a watch. When I take my watch off to wash my hands I constantly get lots of compliments from nurses and patients, alike. I personally think inner wrist tattoos are actually rather classy appearing and are a beautiful display of personal choice. Tattooing is a major thing in my family, many of the men on my mother’s side of the family are reverred tattooed artists so to me they are an empowering sense of self body art, ignore all of the negative comments. I plan on soon getting “Fearless” tattooed on my right wrist, as well.

  127. Iwant to get a tattoo on my inner wrist that says one love one heart!!
    or one love one life


  129. So my brother has been a herion addict for a while and is doing time in jail and really wants to make a change for his life now, and i always have faith he can i believe in him, he is my hero and my best friend.. so i want to get a tattoo that represents him and his struggles and wanting something better.. i found this beautiful picture of a dandelion blowing out into doves, and it really inspired me and made me think of him holding onto that evil time and then releasing himself into a better life, but i want a quote to add into it.. does any one have any ideas for a quote that would go with that?

  130. I have beautiful disaster on the inside of my wrist.. I think regret nothing is a good one too.. and wrist tattoos are not trashy

  131. I have “Faith In Love”

  132. @jbear1486 Im 14 and want a wrist tattoo when im older. Im gonna get ‘just breathe’ written. I think that would be nice with your dandelion :)

  133. in my personal point of view, i find tattoo’s inspiring and i find they can tell someone else a lot about your personality. I am thinking of getting a tattoo once I am old enough and I’m going for either, lyrics – quotes or famous sayings..because I know when I read them it will give me some confidence through hard times and I will be proud to show it off, here are some I have thought about, and they will go on my wrist or forearm -
    - ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’
    - ‘Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising, just be true to who you are’
    - ‘The past is practice for the future’
    - ‘You only live once, so make the days count’
    - ‘“Who are you to judge the life I live?
    I know I’m not perfect
    -and I don’t live to be-
    but before you start pointing fingers…
    make sure you hands are clean!’

    and whoever has the back bone to call tattoo’s ‘trashy’ and ‘dirty’, live a little. Some tattoo’s aren’t just made up in the moment on a drunken night out, some people have story’s and history and put a lot of meaning into them, like @’DELIA CS’ – a survivor of a liver transplant getting a tattoo to show how much of a journey they’ve been through..now have the decency to keep opinions to yourself as some people do not wish to hear them.

    p.s – i hope my ideas help!:)

  134. @jbear… Very cool. My bro has had similar story. U could put the serenity prayer with it? I dont know how big ur going but its relevant to both ur bros issues and ur end on dealing with his past. Congrats to your bro’s new life!

  135. im getting stay strong beautiful on my wrist i think because that way everyone time i want to give up i can just look at my wrist idk for sure though if i should?? help

  136. I’m 14 and yes, I am already thinking of getting a tattoo. Almost everyone has tattoos in my family, and no they do not look trashy. I’m thinking about getting “Life is a battle, but we just have to keep fighing” on my right shoulder, or maybe my hip. All the other comments have given me great ideas! Btw, dont listen to all the people who are being stupid, because getting tattoos is a trend in my school and most are only 16 or 17, and most of them are very cool, and dont look the least bit trashy. Thanks everyone :)

  137. So I have read this whole blog and loved it, except the haters. Wrist tattoos are deff not trashy at all, im turning 18 in July and im trying to find something that would tug on my heart strings and mean a lot to me. I saved a lot of your quotes, theyre all really good but im trying to do something in Polish (im 100%) but im completely out of ideas :P help?

  138. all latin quotes i’m thinking about getting:
    from within
    love conquers all things(kinda cliche?)
    my strength is from heaven
    what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger(might be my fav)
    sincerity gives wings to strength
    out of the darkness, I shine more brightly
    one heart, one way
    while I breathe, I hope
    know thyself
    I’m looking at getting a tattoo on my left wrist for my bday the day before valentine’s day, so I would love input as to what it might be like as far as pain goes. good luck with your tattoo searching and God bless all!!

  139. I’m thinking about getting two wrist tattoos, i’m a graphic designer and have 2 tattoos already (Chinese Dragon symbol on top of spine & Chinese dragon on my stomach). Both my tattoos have a story behind them, I love them both and will never regret them. I place the design on plastic 1st then place it on my body.

    I want to get a heart shape tattoo which reads “Hope.Dream.Love. Laugh.Live.” on one wrist and a music note with wings on the other (for my dad who died and loved music).

    So looking forward to getting them done, just need the cash.

    Don’t listen to the ppl who say tattoos are trashy, i love all kinds of tattoos, sleeves look good one men and women. I think small tattoos are cute and sexy.

  140. “sola pero no esta disponible”

    For all the single guys and girls out there…. here’s a toast to your ears.. the above phrase means “Single but not available” !

    Hope this quenches the thirst for a perfect wrist tatoo…

    Cheers !

  141. I really like one word tattoos for the wrist – thinking of getting a couple myself there. I think in order for them to look good, and feel right they need to be words that are perhaps inspirational to you.

    They could be things like :


    Anything that when you look at them will inpsire you.

  142. I have three tattoo’s on my back. Now I want one where I can see it every day. On my are elbow to wrist. Fear ends where faith begins.

  143. I’ve shuddered watching my kids become adorned with permanent ink in various locations but have come around to see the positive reminder tattoos which reflect significant personal meaning provide. Choose carefully! And who cares what anyone thinks! My choice: I am captain of my mothership. It’s been on my wrist via bangle ( removable) but soon to be inked in.

  144. Some one very close to me passed away a year ago, I want a tattoo to resemble her. -any good quotes? <3

  145. hey !! iv sat and read alot of posts on here.. half of the people must live in the 18th centry!! tats r sexy :) i have 7.. both wrists.. 4 feet and back.. i have a very good job and never have been turnt down for one before… people always talk about my tats to me.. and if something means something to you then get it doen !! after all its one of the only thing you take to the grave with you. !! my quote i have is on the insde of my foot and it says ” death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal” RIP mum… not “trashy” at all !!!! GO TAT LOVERS !!!!

  146. I absolutely love tattoos, for people who don’t where is your place to judge? But I have a side peice in memory of my mother. I want a wrist tattoo for my next one and I’m thinking “remember to live” but I can’t decide if I want to keep it in English or get it in Latin. Ideas?

  147. be strong, don’t let this world cause you to hate.

  148. I have on the inside of my forearm KNOW THYSELF AND BE THYSELF, in Latin.

  149. People can be very ignorant. I work with children and have never had a problem. Currently I’m decided between the following, hope it helps.
    Just a note, if doing Latin make sure you translate accurately, not only the actual word but the tense.
    Here are my top picks:
    Live fully, risk often
    Past is practice
    Let it be
    Dare to try
    Life is art, throw paint

  150. I just wanna say, if you have rude comments, keep them to yourself. People post questions to get answers, not rude comments. Many people, including girls, have tattoo’s, so nobody cares about your opinion. PS. I have the word “Believe” .

  151. There are two kinds of people in the world, People who have tattoos and then the people who are afraid of people with tattoos. Just because not EVERYONE you know has one, doesn’t make it trashy, it just makes it different. Be unique and free and never let anyone tell you you can’t be or do what you want. Be the change in the world you wish to see and never let someone judge you. They are not holier than thou.

    - XOXO

    Avelyn Vampire

  152. I want a tattoo on my wrist in memory of my dad that passed last week. Any ideas, please help!

  153. “Dirty” on one wrist and “hands” on the other.meaning you are not perfect. I also though of putting “dirty” one one wrist and “clean” on the other

  154. Anything you truly want, must be worth fighting for.

    alone we are strong, together we are stronger


    Stay Strong

    Rise like a phoenix from ashes

    After the darkness comes the light

    Just Breathe

  155. So i want to get a tattoo that says time heals all wounds but in latin can anyone translate it for me please?

  156. I have “Always Dream” on the back of my neck and I love it

  157. Pain is temporary pride is forever!

  158. Hey I LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas! I am contemplating getting a one-word wrist tattoo with meaning, and now I’m positive I want one! I am a very faithful person, so I would like something that constantly reminds me of my faith. Ideas?

  159. You can always work your tattoo around what you do and to whoever said that tattoos are trashy and are only for musicians and other you mean our fav singers are trashy??
    I have flowers on my back some open some closed I did it when I was 18 =open-I;m not a girl, the closed = not yet a woman, thena I had my baby and had a tatoo done on my ankle with her initial stars and a butterfly cos that what i think of when I think of her all things beautiful, like someone else said tattoos tell a story and anybody can tell a story the way they want, (small tattoo on the wrist can be covered easily if required)

  160. Get his favorite song title, or perhaps a phrase he liked. It’s what I wanna do.

  161. i was thinking about having a tottoo on my wrist saying “love never fails <3" i quite like it but im not sure any ideas???

  162. Im thinking about getting a tattoo of the word “IlluminatI” with both the first and last letters in capitals similar the the design of the Reckless energy drink title. think this is a good idea?

  163. Relentless*

  164. - Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
    - Faith Hope Love
    - Let your faith be bigger than your fear

  165. Bitch ima boss

  166. maverick …

  167. i have you an live on my right wrist an only once on my left wrist so when u put ur wrists together it says “you only live once” i like it because you can look at it whenever you are down an be like wtf why am i down i only live once mise well be happy

  168. I have been thinking of getting a wrist tattoo for ages now but was always put off by everyone around me but now i have decided that im getting one tomorrow and very excited. trying to decide which quote to use! i love snow patrol, die hard fan lol one of my fav songs is ‘this isn’t everything you are’ and one of the lines in the the song is “breathe deeply in the silence” and that what im going to get just trying to figure out if i will get it in english or another language. I’m thinking another language because only me and who ever asks will know what it means.

  169. I have ‘Just Breathe’ in my inner right wrist. it’s beautiful. wrist tattoos are gorgeous, and very personal. it’s there for life, so choose wisely. Just Breathe is a reminder to me everyday that no matter how hard life gets, just breathe an take it one day at a time.
    not to mention I’m 19, working in a union job, making 16.50 an hour and have 2 other visible tattoos.

  170. thank you for this blog.

    I am a professional working as a Social worker and I love wrist tattoos. (thats for all those negative comments about trashi and burger king jobs…how naive and judgemental)

    I am getting my first one tomrow, nervous and excited. My name means boldbear so being personal to me thats what I am getting.

    My suggestion is when getting a permanent tattoo really sit on it for a while and love with all your heart what you choose…whims sometimes lead to regrets. I waited five years and it continually comes up..so here goes…..

  171. Hi.
    I want a word that means a lot and has some kind of articstic font.
    If “xoxo” was written id want it to be long and slnky…

  172. A friend has 3 different colored stars going down the curve of her side….need some opinions on this: One word that depicts stars….something deep (they resemble her family)

    Thanks for the ideas..

  173. This page has helped me loads ive been trying to choose what i want on my left wrist for ages

    Ive decided to have…..

    ‘Always dream’ with 4 birds going past it :)

  174. i agree, that it would be trashy. It would also look bad on an interview. What I would do, is instead of getting a official tatoo, i would take a pen, (the color you pefer) and write the tatoo. I have been doin this for a while. Also, I cange what i write on it. For example, last week i Wrote ‘believe’ this week, I wrote on my wrist ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ its a cool non-perminante way to get a tatoo, but not get bored!

  175. I have the quote ” alis volat propriis” on my wrist and I still love it 2 and a half years later. I am hoping to get my other wrist done soon. I really like “whirlwinds, forest fires and comets” part of a quote by Robert maccammon, or “live brave”

  176. I am not sure why people automatically assume that tattoos are trashy. While Abby has a non-permanent solution, isn’t that a bit juvenile to be writing on your arm? However, considering that ‘tattoo’ and ‘permanent’ are misspelled, I would assume she is not old enough to get one herself. People are so quick to judge those who have body art, but I think it is beautiful. I have a wrist tattoo of something other than words, and it is a daily reminder to me, my own personal story. Do what fits you, and do not let people bring you down.

    I also have one on my back that says “true beauty lies within.” What I love about worded tattoos is availability of fonts. I spent several months trying to find the right words, and the font to fit it, and I will say I am completely happy with it. Best of luck to all who are looking to get inked.

  177. i am also thinking for a inner wrist tattoo .. and im gonna have carpe diem written .. :D lot of people are suggesting me to not get it doe but i want it so i’ll get it..its you who is goin to decide what you wnt to get..not others..:)

  178. im planning to get one too. You might want the idea i have ” wake your dreams”. Good luck! pick the one that you’ll not regret looking at. ;)

  179. i want a tattoo too on my wrist with a believe inside an infinity tattoo.? im so curios what word im going to have on may wrist :(

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